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    Think of an industry that is creating quite a buzz and we bet that you would definitely land up with the vacation rental industry. Statistics prove that this industry is hitting the hotel industry head-on and giving it a run for its money. The concept of the rental websites is very simple- connecting travellers and accommodation seekers with the property owners via a website. Gone are the days when people travelling to foreign lands adjusted their holiday budget as per the hotel rent. Now is the time of vacation rental websites. Equipped with all the facilities that hotels provide, vacation rentals enable the travelers to enjoy their holidays without them having to worry about huge hotel bills. One such vacation rental website is Airbnb. This website has made it huge in the rental website vertical in the last few years.

    If you are also looking forward to unveiling your success by launching a vacation rental website like Airbnb, an Airbnb Clone is all you need to make this possible. A website clone of Airbnb will help you to get the maximum number of visitors on your rental website.

    Things to Consider Before Picking a PHP Airbnb Clone Script

    Whilst creating a website with the assistance of a website clone, make sure that your website offers a great experience to the users and connects the property owners and travelers around the globe in a hassle-free manner. Remember, features constitute the core of your accommodation or travel rental website. It is necessary for the open source vacation rental script to have the best modern features, intuitive user-interface, smooth navigation, integrated revenue options, etc.

    Therefore, before availing a clone script of Airbnb website, make sure that the website clone hosts the following features-

    1. Amazing Navigation

    A cluttered website is a failed website. The users of your startup website should find it very simple to navigate through your Airbnb clone script during all the steps that they perform on it. Right from the moment they start browsing your website to the time they are done with their booking, your website should be very smooth. Make sure that the call-to-action buttons are placed in such a way that the users don’t have a hard time finding them. The lesser the time they take in carrying out all the functions on the website, the better their experience will be.

    2. Incorporation of Referral Systems

    The visibility of your Airbnb clone is crucial for ensuring the success of your website and the referral feature incorporated in the Airbnb clone script does that job. All the website owners who drive traffic to your website will get a certain commission for doing so. By incorporating the referral systems in your website, you will not only get increased traffic but also increased revenues.

    3. Multiple Payment Gateway

    Multiple payment gateways are the only option for ensuring smooth payments for your customers. Therefore, getting all the major payment gateways integrated into your website clone is essential. This will result in a hassle-free payment procedure for the customers.

    4. Plug-in Friendly

    Your website should be made with the help of open source vacation rental script so that it gives you the ability to add more modules to the website in the future. This enables the admin to enhance the platform’s consistency by embedding the plugins on the website.

    5. Social Media Sharing

    Making your Airbnb clone website visible on all the social media platforms will not only increase the overall traffic to your website but also advertise the rental properties listed on your website on a global scale that in turn would be viewed by a large number of audience present on various social media platforms. Thus, an increase in the people viewing your properties will lead to an increase in the bookings of the rental properties.


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    Apart from the aforementioned features, there is a bundle of features that your custom Airbnb clone script should have. We at MintTM make sure that you get all such features in your Airbnb vacation rental website. Our website clone has the best features to ensure that your customers always get a great experience while using your website. To get more information you can drop us a message at sales@minttm.com

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